Financial Professionals:
Increase your referral business

Stay top-of-mind with past clients and referral partners by advertising on Facebook and the Web.

Has this happened to you?

You’re not alone. Roll over to see how Adwerx can helpClick to see how Adwerx can help.
My professional partner referred another financial professional.
By constantly being top-of-mind, you can be the financial professional they think of first.
My family member hired the help of another financial professional.
Remind them you're not just family — you're an experienced financial professional, too.
I feel awkward asking for referrals.
Everyone does! With Adwerx, clients remember to send you referrals without you even asking.
I don’t want to annoy my past clients.
Emails or phone calls can be intrusive. Adwerx ads are gentle reminders they see on websites they visit.
My client from four years ago doesn’t remember me.
Adwerx helps you always stay in touch, even if you haven't talked to your client in years.
I don’t have time to stay in touch with all my past clients.
Emails, calls and events take time. Adwerx ads take minutes to create and run without you worrying about them.

Advertising that keeps up with your constantly changing network

Add contacts to your referral campaign by just sending an email

example email

Our new, patent-pending Quick Adder™ technology makes it possible for you to add new contacts to the list of people you want to advertise to by hitting the send button — it’s as simple as that.

Each referral campaign is equipped with the technology to help you effortlessly sync your networking and advertising efforts.

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How it works

sample ad
1. Customize your ad

Tailor your message to the people in your sphere. Some creative ideas: deliver news, promote events, or holiday themes. You can edit your ad as often as you want, for free.

contact sources
2. Tell us who should see your ad

Add your contacts from an Excel or CSV file, Gmail, CRMs, LinkedIn, and more. No special formatting required! Add up to 5,000 contacts.

sample ad placement
3. We do the rest

We show your ad to your list while they browse the Web, Mobile apps, and Facebook. See a list of sample sites.

How is that possible?

  • We use email addresses as unique identifiers and display your ad to the right people when they browse the Internet.
  • Your contacts are always kept secure and private and will never be emailed.

Want to get creative?

Create different ads for groups in your network, with messaging tailored to each group.

  • Reach financial professionals in other markets who might send relocation referrals.
  • Create different ads for repeat clients vs. friends and family.
  • Target your neighborhood listserv.

Have another idea and want some feedback? Email us, and we’ll be happy to help.